US Presidential Election Enter Crucial Phase; Hillary Clinton Makes Quick Gains

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-Dev Ankur Wadhawan

At the end of the third US Presidential Debate, Republican candidate, Donald Trump, came across in a much worse light than he did earlier, something not many thought was even possible. Trump, in what sent across shockwaves, was not willing to declare whether he would accept the US Presidential Election result. Hillary Clinton responded to Trump’s stance with, that’s horrifying.

She stated that he (Trump) is denigrating and is talking down our (American) democracy and that she is appalled that someone who is the nominee of one of their two major parties would take that kind of a position.

Clinton, in what is being believed as a change of strategy, came across in a combative mode, nailing down Trump on a range of issues. In a scathing attack, Clinton carried on with her earlier position that Russian President Vladimir Putin backed Trump claiming that Putin wants Trump to be elected because he wants a puppet as US President. Clinton also stated that she would introduce the biggest jobs programme since World War 2.

Trump maintained an unapologetic stance when asked about the accusers who alleged that he had sexually assaulted them and even went on to state that there’s nobody who has more respect for women than he does. He tried suggesting that US President Barack Obama and Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, were responsible for the violence in his rally at Chicago. Trump continued to stick to his stance that he would deport undocumented immigrants. Hillary, on the other hand, claimed that she would support the LGBT community, focus on equal pay for women and defend abortion rights.

Several polls have come out with their results portraying Hillary Clinton a clear winner against Donald Trump in the Third and final Presidential debate.

Several political analysts believe that Donald Trump’s campaign had been in a downward spiral ever since a 2005 video had surfaced in which he could be heard mouthing extremely offensive and crude language against women.

The third and final Presidential debate will be remembered for culminating a series of ugly verbal duels between the Presidential candidates representing the Democratic and Republican parties. Trump made use of the term ‘nasty’ in reference to Hillary whereas Hillary made her views about Trump clear, mentioning that she believes Donald Trump as unfit for the post of the President.

Donald Trump’s family, including his daughter Ivanka Trump and wife, Melania Trump, have been more visibly by his side in the run – up to the Presidential elections as compared to Hillary Clinton’s family, including her husband, Bill Clinton and daughter, Chelsea. However, the Obamas have unequivocally made their preference for Hillary and the disenchantment for Trump clear.

As per poll analysts, Trump has been more liberal with facts, making statements that suit his agenda and outlook, irrespective of whether they are factually correct or not. For example, on the issue of abortion, Donald Trump mentioned that, as per Hillary Clinton, in the ninth month, you can take the baby and rip the baby out of the womb in the ninth month on the final day. Clinton, however, had stated that she supports the guarantee of a constitutional right to a woman to make the most intimate, most difficult, in many cases, decisions about her health care that one can imagine. Hillary Clinton nipped Trump’s take on her assertion stating that that kind of scary rhetoric is just terribly unfortunate. She stated that this is the worst possible choices that any woman and her family has to make and that she does not believe that the Government should be making it.

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