India – Waiting for that global roar

Are we the future or not? Are we ready for the global users or not? Are we a mere reflection of west startups? Or, are we actually creating solutions for the future of Indian people? Only time will tell.

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– Gourav Bhatia

There is a difference between the term – FOR GRANTED and DEFAULT. When we take things ‘FOR GRANTED’ then nothing good comes out from it and we basically slide down the path of success. But when we take or use things as ‘DEFAULT’ then we see the true potential and impact of things in life. It is this term ‘DEFAULT’ and the process of striving towards it that made Google the most powerful thing in the world, which made Facebook the third most populated country in the world and made Twitter the most valuable platform on this planet. And what Indian startups are lacking is in making not only global products, but also not striving hard towards ‘DEFAULT’.Yes, it is a fact that Startups , not only for India, are the future of everything. From Health to FinTech, from Social Media to Digital Media, from IOT to Virtual Reality startups, today, are taking it upon themselves to change the way to eat, sleep, and work. But as As Steve Blank says, ‘Entrepreneurs go to work not because it’s easy but because it’s hard’. And this challenge of tacking hard problems, of creating things from thin air and making it applicable to the users globally is what constitutes the essence of Entrepreneurship, but alas, this is the main ingredient that we are missing in India from startups.

While the world is inventing and creating new fields and dimensions in startup ecosystem, we in India are still stuck with the age old formula of ‘Reverse Engineering’ creating the Uber of India, Facebook of India, or the Amazon of India. We wait silently for the west to create new and innovative startups and as they launch it, we replicate them in India and burn thousands of dollars in sheer marketing, having no clue as in what to do next. This is what happened with Startups like, and many more who did not even make it to mainstream before closing down.Are startups the future of India? Yes, they are, but what is the future of India? Is it basic education or IOT, is it basic democratic right or Virtual Reality, or is it a place when we have hundreds of just taxi and food aggregator, doing the same thing with but different name and designs? Startups should focus on solving problem rather than copying ideas from west and raising money. Because raising money is not the end of the war, the war ends when not only you, but your parents and family members start using your products, that is the real proof of concept.Think I am wrong, well see if you have your parents on Whatsapp or Facebook or Google +.Entrepreneurship is not about assembling a team with a cool logo and name, neither it is about raising funds. Entrepreneurship is about finding solutions to problems and globally implementing them. And when we start working towards the basic needs of Indian population, that is when we could say that Startups are the future of India. As of now, we are just a poor mirror reflection of the successful and highly advanced west startups.Yes, the tiger is hungry, yes it is wounded and yes it has finally awaken. But what we need is not a local presence, but a roar mighty enough to shake the entire world, a roar mighty enough to ensure people that we are working for them, and a roar vibrant enough for the entire world to use it.

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