Web Series And Short Films Make It Big Online

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-Dev Ankur Wadhawan

The craze of web series has been on the ascendancy. Lots of short film makers, writers, directors, producers, aspiring actors have been investing their time, money and talent towards short films and web series. Differentiated content, high on quality, cutting edge technology, high – end production techniques have led to considerable amount of web traffic towards short films and web series.

Several aspiring actors with dreams in their eyes and hopes in their hearts entered tinsel town fervently praying to make it big. For many of them, not able to bag big ticket movies, this type of platform that is comparatively lower on budget but provides an excellent opportunity to showcase their talent, has come as a blessing in disguise.

There have been a lot of web series online which have been attracting traffic, keeping millions of netizens hooked. Web series such as Arre’s Chukyagiri, Arushi, Dice media’s Little Things, Life Sahi Hai have been generating considerable buzz online.

Short films, crisply produced with a talented star cast not on a gigantic budget has been the flavour on the web this season. Various web series generally include aspiring actors from theatre, talented writers who may double up as films’ directors as well.

Changing Tomorrow spoke with Talking Books Movies’ Writer – Director Deepak Nanglia. He mentioned, so far, he has been involved in around forty short films and two web series. Several episodes of his web series, Men-O-Pause, have attracted more than 1 lakh views on YouTube. As per him, the cost of each of his short film has been around 2.5 lakhs, spent mostly towards hiring technicians and high – end technology. He has been involved in various genres including fiction, romance, comedy, romcom, thriller, etc. His company is Jaipur based, although the team operates mostly out of Mumbai. Several of Nanglia’s short films have also made it to various international film festivals, including Cannes Film Festival.

Several short films are being made on higher budgets as well. For example, a particular web series of seven episodes is being planned for around 30 lakh rupees. Money is mostly spent on technicians and in hiring high – end equipments and post production. The cost of production may start with Rs 50,000 and can involve video blogs. However, experienced, professional actors can easily earn around Rupees 20,000 per day for a web series which can require four to five days of making.

Revenue earners: Much of the content that the short film makers produce gets heavily advertised on various platforms such as Voot, Hoststar, YouTube. Monetisation happens through revenue earned from various platforms such as, YouTube, which pays based on analytics of the content that involves a host of factors. They may include the number of views, Average Watch Time ( AWT ), etc. Money is also generated from sponsors who can finance the entire production cost involved and can seek branded content or in – film branding in return.

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