Women Entrepreneurs in India

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– Palak Arora

India as a country has been dominated by men and patriarchy in general. People have been reluctant to even recognize the fact that women are as effective as men on the scale of hard work, intelligence quotient (IQ) and traits of leadership.

The new women of the new age have worked hard to overcome all negative notions and have now proved themselves certainly equal in all fields of life including the most intricate and cumbersome world of business which is primarily ruled by men around the country.

Like everywhere in the world India has a variety of women, some enjoy shortcuts and comforts of their wealthy partners whereas some enjoy working hard to achieve what they want on their own. They chase the “Glawr” on their own. If you start hunting good names there is no dearth of names that could fit in this category.

In India, there have been a lot of women entrepreneurs who have made their way into the mainstream entrepreneurship. But yeah it should be worth mentioning that most of the women entrepreneurs come from a privileged section of the society.

Whenever we say the words like “Boss”, “CEO” ” manager” etc. a male image conjures up in our head. A male who has all the authority and power but this is being changed and the change that is taking place silently.

Women like Chanda Kochar who at the 51 years of age is currently the MD & CEO of India’s largest private bank ICICI Bank. Rajasthan-born Chanda got her Masters Degree in Management Studies (MBA) from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies situated in Mumbai. She got the Wockhardt Gold Medal for Excellence in Management Studies as well as the J. N. Bose Gold Medal in Cost Accountancy. And these awards are nothing but the token of her capabilities. Her ability to move things in her favor and her capacity as an excellent manager.

She is just one of the thousands of such cases where women have proved their capabilities in business administration. I believe now is the right time for people to understand and realise that equality is need of the hour, equality not just in papers but also in our mind which can also picture a sophisticated lady when we talk about power and positions as well as managerial and administration skills.


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