Women Techpowerment

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– Navpreet Singh

There are many tech programs trying to lure more women into the STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) field to enrich the existing gender diversity and utilize the female brain in tasks handled by just men earlier. They aim at inspiring, preparing and equipping them to pursue vast opportunities in ever-expanding IT domain broadly by five-fold strategy:

Education: free technical trainings based on popular programming languages

Development: Connecting members with leaders that raise their profile in tech industry

Advocacy: Ensuring the success is celebrated

Community: Providing a platform for like-minded women to mingle and network

Consulting: Professional guidance for inclusive workspaces

These help in transforming girls and women from consumers to passionate builders of new algorithms and essential technical skills. The inclination is constantly increasing with incentives like scholarships, interactive club events, prized contests, intern opportunities, after-school programs, internal company teams and tech giveaways.  To give the girls an insight into career opportunities and keep the ladies on the path of career advancement. The people who imagine and build technology mirror the people and societies they build it for.

All this can really create a positive impact on the business and technology if we, collectively as a society are ready to adjust. A challenge that is very India centric is the societal piece. We’ve got several anecdotal references such as this woman who was allowed to work by the husband, it was okay by the in-laws that she worked, but all the pressures of the extended family forced her to stop working. There is also the challenge of the leaking pipeline where women leave their careers in STEM at all levels. Our societal influences and thinking discourage young women to have a career identity and aim for a long professional life.


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Grace Hopper Conference volunteer applications are open for this year now!

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