Jaipur Rugs Wins Carpet Design Awards 2024 in Germany

Jaipur Rugs got the prestigious recognition of “Hamare Jeevan Ki Roti” at the Carpet Design Awards 2024 held in Hannover, Germany. Crowned as the Best Transitional Design, the carpet showcases Jaipur Rugs’ commitment to innovative design and artistic vision. 

The achievement marks the second win for the talented weaver, Sundari Devi, who previously received praise for “Machine ki Duniya Manchaha” in 2021. “Humare Jeevan Ki Roti” theme revolves around the pivotal role of agriculture and food in human life, portraying farmers as the “Anndaata” or “The God of Food.”

Sundari Devi’s artistic brilliance is evident in the rug’s rich and vibrant appearance, capturing the essence of life in Indian fields through intricate details and captivating colors. The storytelling aspect adds depth and uniqueness to the carpet, making it a truly authentic and innovative masterpiece.

Expressing his joy about the win, Yogesh Chaudhary, Director of Jaipur Rugs, stated, “Once again, Sundari Devi has earned well-deserved recognition at the same prestigious platform, marking her second triumph. Her unwavering dedication and artistic brilliance are truly inspiring, a testament to the timeless beauty she consistently brings to the world”. 

Sundari Devi’s art not only transcends boundaries but also continues to enrich our lives with its profound impact, showcasing the enduring legacy of her creative spirit.”, he further adds

The design vividly portrays the vibrant essence of life in Indian fields, with intricate details and captivating colors. This storytelling approach adds depth and uniqueness to the carpet, establishing it as an authentic and innovative masterpiece.

Chaired by Jamie Metrick, Managing Director of Elte, the international jury recognized the excellence of “Hamare Jeevan Ki Roti” based on criteria such as design concept, material, finish, structure, quality, sustainability, and branding.

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