Affordable clinic for luxury cars in Jaipur

For automobile owners, finding a reliable mechanic is of immense importance. A car is a long-term investment, and any automobile owner would want his car to be in top shape for as long as possible. The dilemma arises when one must decide between giving his car for servicing to an authorized car service centre or to a multi-brand car service centre.

Now Wrench Dynasty has come up in Mansarovar area in Jaipur, which is one of its kind multibrand workshop catering to servicing, repairs and detailing work (beautification) for luxury cars. It offers quality work at a affordable price compared to authorized service centers.

It is very difficult to provide the same quality of an authorized dealership at a fraction of the price. But at Wrench Dynasty, they make it possible. A customer took his Jaguar XF to an authorized dealership as its headlights weren’t working so they gave an estimate of Rs 1 lakh suggesting a replacement. However, the customer got the same work done at Wrench Dynasty for Rs 25,000, a fraction of the cost compared to what was suggested at the authorized dealership. The multibrand workshop was able to do so by diagnosing the reason for why the headlight wasn’t working and then changing an internal part which controls the headlights. The customer managed to save Rs 75,000 by getting the car serviced at Wrench Dynasty and got the headlights are working perfectly.

Now, genuine car parts are called OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. There is a common notion that only such products should be used in a car, and imported products should not be used at all. However, there are certain mechanical parts like a bumper where customers can really benefit from having a more affordable option. So, in such cases, the workshop provides them with both options to choose from.  Obviously there are some cases where only OEM products (where performance of a car is directly affected) should be used like engine or suspension work. The workshop is always transparent with the customer regarding what parts are used and the recommendations provided are intended to minimize their costs while not compromising on the quality.

Wrench Dynasty has quality vendor tie-ups, and are able to procure even some of the most typical parts within a couple of days. Moreover, it has an inventory of fast moving parts which are common to most models so it helps to achieve timely delivery of the car. Basic servicing and repair work can be done at dealerships also in quick time but for some of the complicated tasks like transmission and suspension work, Wrench Dynasty is proud to be the fastest!

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