Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati

Youngest Patent Holder of India

Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati is Youngest Patent Holder of India & Youngest Differently Able Patent Holder of the World. BBC London quoted him as “Mini Stephen Hawkins of India”.

Though he is bound to wheel chair & Suffering from fatal disease Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, despite that, he took our country to top in world by defeating Japan in field of Chess Variants Inventions. Though he is having 75% Disability, that too, permanent & progressive one, he is having 7 inventions to his name and out of those 7 inventions, he is already having patents for 3 inventions. Chess was invented in our country & He took glorious past of India further by inventing Circular Chess at the age of 9 years in 2013 & Became Youngest Patent Holder of India & Youngest Differently Patent Holder of the World. Now he is having patents for 6, 12 & 60 players Circular Chess. Imagine a Youth, who is left out with only & only “Intact Fingers & Brain” & He brought tempest in the World of innovations & inventions. His inventions are not only in the field of Chess but his inventions serve society & mankind also. Despite immobile he gave mobility solutions to the World. His life is full of disasters but he submitted “Disaster free World” project to UNO & It was highly appreciated. He is very sure that if his ideas are implemented then our Mother Earth will be a “Disaster free World”.  And one of his invention leads to birth of higher versions of Sudoku Life is playing fatal chess with him, but he checkmate life by his inventive instinct. He believes that “Accessibility cant be bought..We have only 2 options..Either suffer or invent..And he chose later”. Therefore he invented Mobility Solutions, that ultimately lead to 2 innovated Power Wheel Chair Accessibility Vehicles (Modified Echo & Modified Scorpio with ramp modification), which is of immense help to lot of differently able, senior citizens & Wheel Chair users. His rarest of rare milestones despite suffering from extreme hardships made him to emerge as latest global inspiration across world & have million of followers. “The Hindu” quoted him as ” Rarest of rare chess prodigy with a unique difference”& “Mini Stephen Hawkins of India, ” The Times of India quoted him as ” Genius in unique manner like Stephen Hawkins”&Another Milestone in the World of disability after “Wilma Rudolph & Stephen Hawkins., “Daily Mail London” quoted him as “Chess Prodigy” , ” “Mail Today of India Today group” quoted him as “Chess sensation who inspires world”, ” Dainik Bhaskar Group” quoted him as ” Emerging Global Inspiration of the World”…”WIKIPEDIA has made a page for him and quoted him as ” An Inventor from India”..The list goes on… Media world of India and globe quoted him as “Mini Stephen Hawkins” “Wonder kid”, “Genius”, “Latest Global inspirational Sensation”, “Rare Chess Prodigy”, “Amazing Whiz Kid”, “Golden boy from Jaipur”, “Gem of Rajasthan”, “Pride of India”, “ Chess sensation, who inspires millions”, “Another milestone in disabled history”, “Rarest of rare Chess Prodigy in unique, different and inspirational manner” etc in true sense. Further they said that “A rare child prodigy with a unique difference from Jaipur has brought tempest in the world of inventions & innovations with his trembling fingers. His rarest of rare achievement despite suffering from extreme hardships is inspiring millions. Imagine his fingers and Brain are only intact now as he cannot walk, cannot even shake hands, cannot sit without support as his disability is 65% and that too it is increasing due to nature of disease. And that Inspires World! This made him to emerge as latest global inspiration as he went for rarest of rare achievements despite suffering from extreme hardships. Even media wrote about him as “Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati has emerged as a mile stone in the disabled world after Stephen Hawkins and Wilma Rudolph.” “Amazing disable kid fighting against fatal disease, who made our country proud across the globe and inspire millions. His Rarest of rare milestones despite extreme hardships…Inspires World.  He won lot of reputed National Awards. Notable authors wrote book on him. Film producers are thinking of “Taare Zammen Par Part 2” or “4th Idiot” on him. Though talks are at a very eliminatory stage. He is invited as Chief Guest many times…List goes on. Just Type “Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati” on Google Search & you will find lot of articles, news, blogs, videos, news by reputed & notable resources of National & International Level. And first link will be of Wikipedia  Even knowing him is a great journey to inspiration

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