Inflation Relief Camps getting overwhelming response

Camps to continue till June 30, people have started getting relief

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  • It is to be mentioned that 2000 permanent inflation relief camps are being organised by the district administrations at government offices and public places in the state. Two-day inflation relief camp is being organised in each gram panchayat along with Prashasan Gaon ke Sang and in each city ward along with Prashasan Shahron ke Sang. In this way, a two-day camp will be organised as per the calendar in 11,283 gram panchayats and 7500 city wards. Sufficient counters will be set up in these camps for registration and distribution of Chief Minister Guarantee Cards.
  • Place and Time of Camps The camps will be from 10 am to 6 pm. The general public can get complete information and the place of the camp on the website https://mehangairahatcamp.rajasthan.gov.in
  • Every needy family in the state will be provided relief from inflation by linking them to the state government’s public welfare schemes in these inflation relief camps. The general public is to be made aware by giving them complete information about their rights, schemes and their eligibility along with empowering them. Registration has been made compulsory to get linked to the 10 public welfare schemes being run by the state government. The benefits of the schemes will be provided immediately in the camps. For the benefit of the general public, a person from any district can get the registration done through Jan Aadhaar in the camps in other districts also.

The inflation relief camps started from April 24 and Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot inaugurated one such camp at Mahapura gram panchayat. He handed over the Chief Minister Guarantee Card to women beneficiaries after getting them registered in the schemes as per their eligibility. Speaking to beneficiaries, he said that the general public has got relief from the rising inflation along with economic and social support with the public welfare schemes.

While interacting with villages, they said ‘Sir, Aap Very Good Ho’ (You are very good). The beneficiaries expressing gratitude to the chief minister said that a gas cylinder for Rs 500 and with free electricity up to 100 and 2000 units will get them the much needed relief.

The chief minister later went to a gas agency in Bhankrota and handed over the cylinders to the beneficiaries under the Indira Gandhi Gas Cylinder Subsidy scheme. The gas agency owner told the chief minister that there has been an increase in bookings of cylinders by the consumers of Ujjwala Yojana with the publicity of inflation relief camps.

He said that the country is reeling under rising inflation. It has become difficult for the common man to run his house. In such a situation, to get relief from the inflation, the camps have been started to link the general public with the 10 public welfare schemes and to provide immediate benefit.

The Chief Minister said that a provision of financial assistance of Rs. 40 thousand per cow has been made to the cattle rearers for the milch animals that die of lumpy disease. Under the Mukhyamantri Kamdhenu Pashu Bima Yojana, a maximum of two milch cattle of each cattle rearer are being insured for Rs 40,000 each. Beneficiaries coming in the ambit of National Food Security will be given Annapurna Food packets free every month under the Mukhyamantri Nishulk Annapurna Food Packet Scheme. He said that 100 job fairs are being organised in the state to provide employment in Rajasthan.   

Registration on for these 10 schemes

  • Gas cylinder for Rs 500 under the Indira Gandhi Gas Cylinder Subsidy Scheme
  • Domestic consumers to get 100 units of electricity free per month under the Mukhyamantri Nishulk Bijli Yojana 
  • Agriculture consumers to get 2000 units of electricity free per month under the Mukhyamantri Nishulk Krishi Bijli Yojana 
  • All beneficiaries coming in the ambit of National Food Security will get a free Annapurna Food Packet every month under the Mukhyamantri Nishulk Annapurna Food Packet Scheme 
  • Families who have completed 100 days in the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) will be given additional employment of 25 days, while Kathodi, Saharia and Specially-abled will get additional employment of 100 days under the Mukhyamantri Grameen Rojgar Guarantee Yojana
  • Opportunity to work for 125 days in a year under the Indira Gandhi Shahari Rojgar Guarantee Yojana
  • Minimum pension of Rs 1000 per month and an increase of 15% every year under the Social Security Pension Scheme
  • The limit of the Mukhyamantri Chiranjeevi Swasthya Bima Yojana increased to Rs 25 lakh from Rs 10 lakh 
  • The amount of the Mukhyamatri Chiranjeevi Durghatna Bima Yojana has been increased to Rs 10 lakh from Rs 5 lakh. 
  • Insurance cover of Rs 40,000 per cattle for two milch cattle under the Mukhyamantri Kamdhenu Pashu Bima Yojana. 

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