Hospitals cannot make an excuse of having no vacant beds – Health Minister

Now the private hospitals cannot turn away the patients saying ‘No Beds’, as the Government taking note of it has started a Help Desk.

Health Minister Dr Raghu Sharma said that the Help Desk in Jaipur has been started to inform the corona infected patients about the availability of beds in hospitals, ventilators and other related information. Help Desk will be set up soon in other district headquarters in the State.

The Health Minister said that the Help Desk will function at RUHS in Jaipur under the supervision of the district administration. Officers of ADM level will look at the arrangements here.

He said that any person prior admitting the patient can contact the Help Desk. The Help Desk will give information in detail to the patients about the concerned hospitals.

Dr Sharma said, “Many private hospitals are turning away the patients by making an excuse of not having vacant beds. After the Help Desk, no hospital could make such an excuse. All kinds of information related to beds, ventilators, oxygen supply and list of all other items of all Government Institutions in the district will be available with the Help Desk.”

The Health Minister said that the State Government is strengthening the medical infrastructures for corona infected patients. There is adequate arrangement of ventilators, beds equipped with oxygen, ICU beds, general beds or COVID Care Centres or Dedicated Covid Care Hospitals.

He said that private hospitals have been directed to provide rooms on fixed rates by signing MoU with the hotels. Apart from this, rates have been fixed by conducting a detailed study so that private hospitals do not overcharge the patients. He said that there would be no dearth of medicines or any other kind of resources related to corona in the State.

The Health Minister said that the person appointed at the Help Desk will extend necessary help in getting the COVID-19 infected patient admitted immediately after arriving in the hospital etc and in case of non-availability of bed in the concerned hospital, the person will talk to the concerned Chief Medical and Health Officer (in Jaipur at least to CMHO or Help Desk at RUHS) and will make arrangements to get the said patient admitted in any other hospital authorised to treat COVID-19. The concerned Chief Medical and Health Officer will arrange a vehicle or ambulance for this.

Meanwhile looking to the increasing cases of malaria, dengue, chikungunya and scrub typhus in the State, Dr Sharma has directed the health department officers to remain cautious to prevent and control water-borne and vector-borne diseases in the State along with corona.

Dr Sharma instructed to focus on anti-larval activities and to put MLO to stop mosquito breeding in places of stagnated water. He also directed to put tamifoss in tanks of drinking water. He asked to ensure sufficient maintenance of hatcheries in all the districts and to put gambusia fish in ponds and tanks.

The Health Minister directed the health officers to ensure supervision of spraying of pyrethrum at 50 houses nearby the patient’s house on finding malaria PF patient and dengue patient. Regular monitoring will be done in all the affected villages by doing 100% surveillance.

Dr Sharma has asked to ensure immediate test and treatment of patients with fever along with availability of necessary medicines and medical team (Rapid Response Team) in the situation of outbreak. He also directed to ensure the stay of doctors at medical institutions and stay of paramedical nursing staff at the headquarters. He also instructed to ensure that regular tests of drinking water sources are done by chloroscope and take maximum water samples in coordination with the waterworks department and local bodies and forming a joint team so that people get supply of pure drinking water.

He directed to ensure availability of chlorine, bleaching powder, ORS etc up to level of sub centres, chlorination of drinking water sources, testing by taking water samples, forming Rapid Response Team and arrangement of laboratories to test blood and other samples so as to prevent seasonal diseases in the districts. He also directed to make arrangements of sufficient quantity of medicines, test and other means for preventing malaria, dengue and other seasonal diseases along with to keep a vigilant watch on taking action as per the prescribed standards in positive cases.


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