State Government Committed to Crime-Free Rajasthan

Chief Minister Bhajan Lal Sharma underscores the paramount importance of peace and law enforcement in Rajasthan, commending the Rajasthan Police for their unwavering commitment to the motto of 'trust among the public and fear among criminals'.

Chief Minister Bhajan Lal Sharma emphasised that maintaining peace and law and order in the state is the top priority of the government. With the motto of ‘trust among the public and fear among criminals,’ the Rajasthan Police is diligently carrying out its duties.

Speaking at a state-level event organised at the Rajasthan Police Academy on the occasion of Rajasthan Police Establishment Day, CM Sharma addressed the gathering. He extended his greetings to all police personnel and officers on the establishment day and paid tribute to the martyred brave soldiers in the line of duty. He stated that the Rajasthan Police has set an unparalleled example of valor, dedication, and public service in its glorious 75-year history, which is paving the way towards a crime-free Rajasthan.

Continuous Major Decisions for Public Safety Sharma mentioned that the state government has been continuously making significant decisions for the safety of the public, resulting in a decrease in crime rates. Several policy decisions have been taken, including SIT investigation in paper leak cases, formation of Anti-Gangster Task Force, and initiatives to reduce violence against women and Dalits, which are yielding positive results. He highlighted the establishment of the Anti-Romeo Squad to enhance women’s safety and empowerment and the setting up of women desks in 174 police stations to ensure proper handling of cases involving women.

The Chief Minister reassured that both the state government and the police are committed to safeguarding constitutional values.

State Government Committed to Modernising Police Sharma emphasised that with changing crime patterns, the Rajasthan Police is continuously modernising itself. The police force is being trained in modern weaponry, forensic science, and cybercrime prevention techniques to tackle future challenges efficiently. He affirmed that our government is working with complete determination to ensure public safety.

Announcement of Funds for Police Welfare During the occasion, the Chief Minister announced an allocation of 1.5 crore for the Rajasthan Police Welfare Fund, 1 crore for the Rajasthan Police Benevolent Fund, and an increase of 1 crore to 1.5 crore for the Festival Fund. He expressed confidence that the Rajasthan Police will leave no stone unturned in strengthening its credibility and dedication to duty.

Prior to this, Sharma laid floral tributes at the Police Martyrs Memorial. He inspected the ceremonial parade at the RP Ground, which included platoons from various police units, and honored police officers and personnel with police medals for their excellent service.

The event was attended by several dignitaries from the police department, including the Chief Secretary Sudhansh Pant, Director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau Ravi Prakash Mehra, Director General of Police (SCRB) Hemant Priyadarshi, Director of Intelligence Sanjay Kumar Agrawal, along with a large number of police officers and staff.

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