State-level COVID-19 Control Room

Control Room becomes Life Saver for patients People calling on Helpline Number 181 are getting medical facilities within 30 minutes

The State-level Corona War Room that is being operated round the clock from Secretariat is providing all kinds of medical facilities to corona infected in just 30 minutes. So far, more than 3,700 patients calling the control room on the helpline number 181 have got medical consultation, availability of beds and ambulance services.

Health Minister Dr Raghu Sharma said that the State-level control was started on the directions of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot in the month of September with an objective to provide all kinds of medical facilities to infected patients at the earliest. Since then, services are being provided continuously to the corona infected for 24 hours through this control room.

The Health Minister said that on calling toll free 181, the corona infected can get bed, ICU and ventilator in hospital; medical team and medicines to patients in home isolation along with those patients who do not have a place for isolation can also get the facility. Besides this, help can be taken on Helpline 181 for problems such as COVID consultation, oxygen and difficulty in breathing.

Dr Sharma said that the problems of corona patients or their family members were being resolved within 30 minutes through this War Room and district-level war room associated with this. He said that the list of names of employees and officers and their telephone numbers deployed at the district-level war rooms in the State is available with the State-level War Room. Even the information of all the testing centres related to COVID-19, list of private and government COVID dedicated hospitals with telephone numbers are available here.

The Health Minister said that all cases received at the control room are sent immediately to the concerned control room and state-level officers through WhatsApp group, call and Sampark portal. Doctors and administrative officers are also present at the State-level control room that is operated in three shifts.

District-level war room under the chairmanship of the District Collector runs the leading dedicated hospital in the district for 24 hours. District-level war room is also operated in three shifts with an administrative officer, two doctors and other personnel. The real time information of available beds in all COVID dedicated hospitals and information related to ambulances are available at these war rooms. He said that information of all kinds of beds at the COVID dedicated hospitals is available in all the war rooms.

Dr Sharma said that patients in isolation or their family members can call on State-level war room 181 and can tell their problems. The personnel deployed at the war room provide the said information to the concerned district-level war room and on the Rajasthan Sampark portal and will remain committed to resolve the problem at the earliest. All district-level war rooms have been directed to resolve the problem of a patient or the family member within a maximum of 30 minutes. He said that if any asymptomatic patient demands for any medical advice then the doctor present at the Help Desk will extend help and on demand for medicine, it will be provided under Chief Minister Free Medicine Scheme. Whereas on the request of symptomatic patients, the war room will arrange an ambulance to admit the patient at the COVID dedicated hospitals.

He said that after resolving the problem of the patients or their family members, the personnel deployed at the district-level war room will share the said information with the State-level war room and will register the same in Rajasthan Sampark portal and if district-level war room does not take action in half an hour then the State-level war room directing necessary action will inform about it to the District Collector and ask to resolve the problem immediately.


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