94 males and 104 females per lakh are cancer patients in India


Health Minister Dr Raghu Sharma said that in India 94 males and 104 females in a population of 1 lakh are cancer patients, while according to an estimate there are around 60,000 cancer patients in Rajasthan. Every year 20,000 new cancer patients are identified in the State. Prevention is the best treatment of cancer.

Addressing a state-level seminar on World Cancer Day on Thursday he said that lethal diseases such as cancer are increasing due to changing lifestyle, hectic life, increasing stress and less physical activities. He said that cancer can be prevented in 60% cases by improving the lifestyle.

Dr Sharma said that early detection helps in controlling cancer for which the health department is setting up early detection camps at the government hospitals in each district headquarters in the State. He appealed to the general public to immediately take advantage of camps on finding any symptoms.

He said according to the World Health Organisation, cancer is the main reason in more than 60% of the deaths in non-communicable diseases. He said that according to an estimate, around 2 crore people are suffering from cancer and each year 90 lakh new cancer patients are identified every year across the globe.

The health minister said that making people aware is necessary for effective prevention of serious diseases like cancer. He said that the State Government on completion of one year had started ‘Nirogi Rajasthan’ campaign to make the State healthy. The main objective of this campaign was to build an atmosphere so that people do not fall ill and for this, a woman and a man in each revenue village have been selected as Swasthya Mitra.

The Health Minister emphasised that the Government is committed to give everyone the Right to Health. He said that the Government would soon bring the ‘Right to Health’ bill for better health of the general public.

Health Secretary Siddharth Mahajan said that the system of cancer screening at the district level will be strengthened. Besides this, arrangements will be made for cancer victims to consult experts through tele-conference or tele-medicine at the district level, for which necessary training will be given.

Nodal Officer RN Meena said that cancer can be controlled only by making people aware and educated. He said that there are more than 100 types of cancer in the world of which leading cancers are oral, breast and cervical. He said that relief is being provided by setting up an early detection camp at each district headquarters on Wednesday every month.

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