Cases of deafness can be reduced with awareness and information

Health Minister Dr Raghu Sharma said that the problem of deafness can be reduced to a great extent through awareness and information. He said that if each newborn is screened and elders remain alert in this regard then cases of disease such as deafness can decline.

He said that the National Programme for Deafness and Control of Deafness (NPPCD) was started in 2014-15 in 12 districts, which now is being carried out in all the districts. He said that prevention of hearing loss due to illness or injury, early detection and treatment of problems related to ears that reduce the hearing capacity, rehabilitation of all people suffering from deafness and distribution of hearing aids are being done under this programme along with capacity building of doctors is being done by imparting training to them. More than 900 cochlear implants have been implanted in children by the State Government.

The Health Minister said that soundproof rooms have been constructed in each District Hospital under the programme, in which degree of hearing loss is tested among the patients suffering from deafness. The tests are done through modern machines and techniques such as pure-tone audiometer, impedance audiometer, OEA etc. He said that the entire focus of the government is on better health of people of the State. This is the reason that the State Government in the budget too has emphasised on strengthening health infrastructures. He said that the State Government in its ‘Nirogi Rajasthan’ (Healthy Rajasthan) campaign has taken special care of baby, adolescent to elderly people in 10 points of the drive. The intention of the State Government is that no person falls sick in the State.

Health Secretary Siddharth Mahajan said that if each person remains aware then deafness in the society can be kept at bay. National Health Mission Director Shri Naresh Kumar Thakral said that deafness is not an incurable disease and can be diagnosed with timely treatment and awareness. He said that it is possible to easily treat deafness through various surgeries, equipment etc at the government expense.

Director Public Health Dr KK Sharma on this occasion said that experts in the State are being continuously trained to eradicate deafness and medical institutions are being provided the facilities in this regard, so that the general public could get immediate relief.

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