Fight the Fear with Fortitude

–          Dr.Akhilesh Jain

Isolation for Covid 19 positive cases is a period that provides us boundless opportunities to introspect ourselves and restore our unexplored aptitude. However, at the same time it compels us to make predictions based on our countless fears, worries, uncertainties, desperation sometimes associated with guilt .It is not an unusual but unexpected experience in most such cases.

With time the anguish and uncertainties may gradually subside as we learn many adaptive ways to handle the situation with an understanding that recovery takes place in most of the cases.

However, sometimes the distinct fear of mishappening and uncertainties despite all logical contralateral thoughts remains intriguing for following reasons .

  • Undue and exhaustive exploration of literature and information excavating the deadliest possible outcome.
  • Multiple consultations from friends and health professionals leaving ourselves bewildered in complete obfuscation.
  • Stress of no work, financial issues and face to face interactions.
  • Concern about safety of family and managing household chores .Sometimes guilt is associated with fear of infecting others and associated stigma.

 How to endure psychological issues efficaciously

  • Keep yourself calm and composed as it is only a matter of time and complete recovery soon follows.
  • Don’t feel rejected as isolation is not a punishment but an opportunity to heal yourself. Grab the feeling of altruism that you are saving so many others.
  • Too many cooks spoil the broth, so follow the instructions of the designated doctor and have faith in him. Seek another consultation only when necessary.
  • Use your wisdom in using propagated home remedies in social media.
  • Improvise your daily routine .Schedule your day with morning meditation and breathing exercises. Have them repeat whenever you have time.
  • Ensure adequate nutrition and fluid intake .Nutrition enhances your immunity to fight this infection.
  • Explore yourself. Recreate your passion for your likings such as singing, dancing, crafting, writing, and reading thus make your world full of innovations.
  • Cautious use of social media as it may be a boon or bane. Get connected with friends, family .Share your innovations .Never follow deluge of misinformation.
  • Have adequate rest in intervals as it would rejuvenate you physically and refresh your mind too to think positively.
  • Avoid smoking or alcohol consumption.
  • Never hide your emotions and feel free to share with family and friends.

Remember, once you conquer, you will again be an asset to society as Corona Warrior.

So bury your worries deep in the ground and make your stride with great pride and mind so sound.

(The writer is HOD Psychiatry at ESI Model Hospital in Jaipur. The views are personal.)

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