Hold on to hopes; never fall victim to temporary sufferings

– P Srinivasan

The Department of Psychiatry at ESI Model hospital in Jaipur on World Suicide Prevention day organized an awareness campaign on suicide prevention for public through video animation presentation and pamphlets distribution.

Psychiatry department head Dr Akhilesh Jain highlighted the core issues related to suicide. He said according to World Health Organisation (WHO) every 40 seconds, someone commits suicide in the world. Every year, approximately 7 lakh people kill themselves in the world. There is a well established link between suicides and mental disorders particularly depression and alcohol use disorder. He said suicide may happen impulsively in the moment of crisis when an individual tends to lose his abilities to deal with such stresses like financial breakdown, break in relationship or chronic illnesses.

Dr Jain said, “Suicide is preventable. Depression and alcohol addiction are amongst the common cause. Timely identification and treatment along with strong emphasis on social and familial bonding may significantly avert this problem.”


  • Every year 800000 suicide takes place
  • In India suicide rate is 10.6 per lakh population
  • Suicide rate in Rajasthan is about 4.8 per lakh
  • Suicide is second leading cause of death in age group of 15 to 29 years
  • Suicide is 9th leading cause accounting for 2.35% of all deaths in India


Common Risk factor:

  • Previous suicide attempt
  • Mental Disorders in particular depression
  • Personality disorders
  • Alcohol use disorder and other drug abuse
  • Severe stress like break in relationship, financial loss, chronic illness
  • Social isolation
  • Poor family and social support 

Myths and Facts: 

Myths Facts
Suicidal people are fully intent on dying Most suicidal people are ambivalent.
Once someone is suicidal, he or she will always remain suicidal Heightened suicide risk is often short-term and situation-specific
Suicide happens without warning.


Most suicidal people give clues and signs regarding their suicidal intentions
Talking about suicide will give some an idea to do it. Talking about it may invite them to ask for help.


Only people with mental disorders are suicidal Suicidal behaviour indicates deep unhappiness but not necessarily mental disorder.


Measures to be taken:

  • Initiate awareness campaign through short talks and distribution of educative material
  • Restriction of access to means of suicide like pesticides, fire arms etc.
  • Introducing policies to reduce harmful use of alcohol and other substance
  • Early identification and treatment of mental disorders
  • Training of non specialized health workers in assessment of suicidal behavior and how to manage
  • Regular follow up of people who attempted suicide
  • Enhance family and community support


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