Jaipur doctor invited to mentor international research

A doctor from SMS Medical College in Jaipur has been invited to mentor an international, multi-centre research on head trauma in children as a follow-up of his study on children with head injury at SMS Hospital.
Dr Manish Agrawal, Professor of Neurosurgery, has received an offer from The Abdulrauf Institute of Neurosurgery in New York to be the world mentor to a team of neurosurgeons from all over the world for a study to be conducted at multiple neurosurgical centres.
Dr Agrawal recently published research on children with head injury suggesting that blood flow to the brain can lessen the chances of learning disability in such children. His team devised unique way to study the changes that occur in the blood flow to the brain to assess the cognitive and general outcome of head injury.
“It is generally believed that children with even a mild head injury develop learning difficulty and behaviour changes when they grow up,” Dr Agrawal said, “but we have found that if the blood flow in the brain increases during treatment, chances of learning disability and cognitive disabilities are less.”
The blood flow was assessed by a specific scan called CT perfusion study which is available in the new generation CT scanners. CT perfusion imaging shows which areas of the brain are adequately supplied or perfused with blood and provides detailed information on delivery of blood or blood flow to the brain. The children were subjected to perfusion study at the time of admission and later at the time of discharge. All CT scan and CT perfusion studies were compared to look at the change in the blood flow during the treatment.
It was found that at the time of acute injury, the flow volume was less compared to increased volume at the time of discharge. “By this, we are able to predict that children who had good increase in the blood flow volume also had better consciousness and learning ability,” Dr Agrawal said.
The findings have been published in World Neurosurgery, one of the most prestigious international journals of Neurosurgery. The team, which conducted the study, comprised Dr Manish Agrawal, Dr Rohit Babal, Dr Deepak Lohiya and Dr Devendra Purohit.
The team wants to do further research on this to suggest treatment modifications to increase blood flow to the brain.

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