Own the responsibility to win the battle

Dr.Akhilesh Jain

There has been an unprecedented emotional upheaval following the rapid and a vast spread of second wave of COVID19 pandemic. Even the experts have suggested that second wave is bound have more severe kind of infection with much higher spread than the first wave of infection. Under these prevailing circumstances people are likely to experience more fear, uncertainty about the outcome of the disease once inflected with greater chances to feel anxious and even panic .In extreme cases it may also lead to feeling of helplessness and depression. Deluge of news and information   regarding increasing number of cases also present a scary picture to already woebegone mind-set.

In such situation, it is paramount to relinquish fear and worry to fight the crisis pragmatically.

The foremost precaution, we need to observe is to strictly abide by COVID appropriate behaviour which talks about keeping safe distancing, wearing mask, avoid unnecessary outing etc. as prevention is still the best way to restrain the spread of the disease and this is completely in our command .

There are several other important facts needing special mentioning, which may definitely help in reducing ongoing fear and worries.

This time, we are very much acquainted with almost all sort of information regarding COVID19 infection as compared to first wave, which helps us keeping away from unnecessary stress and fear.

Vaccines are now available and proven as a boon to undermine the effect of virus. Acknowledging this fact not only reduces our fear but instill hope as well.

Our health infrastructure has now exponentially been improved with all required resources including testing, treatment and availability of specific life saving medicines providing us a sense of relief and relieving our fear.

A very significant and positive change this time has been observed in our attitude and behaviour towards patients and their caregivers. This positive attitude has been instrumental in regaining confidence and emotional strength.

Newer concepts of day care, care at home provides us alternatives. It is not only useful in  minimising the burden in hospitals but also allaying patient’ s and care giver’s worry.

Beside these facts some important tips such as refraining from unnecessary and misleading information, following advice of concerned specialist, ensuring adequate sleep and nutritious diet, exploring artist within, implementing yoga, meditation and other exercises at home, keeping in touch and sharing emotions with friends and families, avoidance of alcohol and other addictive drugs, reading positive books and stories can help us reducing undue stress and fear and enhance our immune system.

However, the enormous health infrastructure may still not be adequate serving such a large population altogether at a given point of time. Hence, the importunate demand of the current situation is to observe a self disciplined behaviour which is the key factor in deciding our victory on this pandemic.

Government,  administration, medical fraternity have unrelentingly working to save our lives and it is now our collective responsibility to abide by all the guidelines issued from time to time and promote the vaccination to surmont this peril to mankind at earliest.

Author is Heal of Department, Psychiatry, ESI Model Hospital, Jaipur

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