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An Army Officer wife’s message

“I contemplated a couple of times, before actually jotting it down.
I know probably a few, will still not agree with me & try to bash me left right & centre, but I don’t care, as long as this post of mine, brings POSITIVITY, to even one, in the group.
We shifted to Kashmir, when it was going through one of the roughest phase – the death of Burhaan Wani – resulting in the burning of Kashmir to another level.
We shifted there, just a couple of weeks after Burhaan Wani’s death & were locked inside the home.
My husband went on duty & I was inside the Cantt with no internet, no connection to him or family whatsoever. We would desperately wait for internet connectivity.
I managed everything alone, cooking, cleaning (had a male househelp, but if there was a curfew, he wouldn’t be allowed to come inside). I had 3 dogs back then, took care of all of them alone. We didn’t have access to any online shopping (no food delivery, no Amazon, no Myntra). A vegetable van would come once in a week & we would stand in a queue to get vegetables & necessary stock, for a week.
Made great friends in the community, (because all we longed was support & everyone displayed impeccable community spirit).
We would call our parents whenever we would get network, life went on.
My dog’s learnt to pee & poo inside the washroom, because the situations were such & also when it used to snow.
We couldn’t step out often. There were threats issued at times & the whole area came under lockdown.
At times there would be complete lights off & people would keep their kids inside; would have minimal lights; would pray that we just survived another day; pray for husbands who were away for duty.
When there was relaxation & we went out – we would hear slogans like – Indian Army go back, Indians go back, dogs go back.
It was the toughest time of my life, but I survived.
I survived my days of pathetic pregnancy there. We used to go in a military van with full bulletproof jacket & gear to get advance checkup to the main Cantt (that was some 15 kms away from the Cantt I lived in).
I flew in my 8th month of pregnancy all alone, with a Medical Certificate, as there was curfew & nobody knew how the situation would be if there was a total lockdown.
You know what kind of entertainment we had?

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