‘Anushka inspired me to turn vegetarian’

Indian skipper Virat Kohli reveals during EO virtual event

Entrepreneurs Organisations (EO) is a renowned global, non-profit membership organization that propels business owners on to a path of greater business and personal fulfilment through direct peer-to-peer learning, connection to experts and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.
Ayush Periwal, President, EO Jaipur said, “EO Jaipur is a collective of individuals who are passionate about innovating and leading the change in the world around them through various activities in IT, media, jewellery, manufacturing, mining etc. The theme for this year is to ensure that even during this pandemic, our spirit and our actions are ‘Unstoppable’.”
A virtual motivational session with legendary skipper Virat Kohli was organised by EO Jaipur. Members of EO and their children, many of them teenagers, attended it. Learning chair Ankur Shah and Saurabh Bhandari said that more such inspiring programmes will be organised.
Virat Kohli in the ensuing virtual conversation with Ayush Periwal said, “Everyone has different ways of doing things. I like to lead from the front so instead of giving instructions, I do the things and set an example. I have boosted people to play for the right reasons. This applies to every field.”
He said that he always wanted to be himself and never tried to be someone else. “When you try to copy others then you are dishonest. Everyone makes mistakes but you have to accept it,” he added.
Replying to a question, Kohli said that he never played for achievement; he plays for the love of the sport. “If you play for making records, you fade away,” he said.
On the question of leadership skills, the skipper said that he always likes taking responsibilities and standing by them. “Only then you will be able to lead others,” he said. “Help is good, suggestions are good but you should not blindly follow someone else’s point of view on doing something.”
Kohli’s inspiration is former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He said, “I noticed how he managed things on the field and have learnt a lot from him. However, I do things my own way.”
Talking about how he resolves disputes in the team, Kohli said the team discusses and resolves differences.
For transformation, the skipper said, “Go by your instinct and be yourself instead of trying to be like someone else.”
He said there was a time when he felt he was not working hard. “One day I wanted to change myself. I followed my instincts honestly and it changed my life.”
On the question of ‘Better Captain or Player’, Kohli said that he has always been a responsible player and likes to take responsibility so he rated higher as captain than as a player.
Kohli said his wife Anushka inspired him to turn vegetarian. “I turned vegetarian two years ago; it has benefited me a lot.”
His favourite food is rajma-chawal. He prefers wearing tees and pyjamas to relax. If he weren’t a cricketer, he would have been a businessman like his brother in Delhi. He rewinds by spending time with his wife, having coffee or going on a walk.
He also mentioned about the Virat Kohli Foundation that helps children grow as sportspersons and human beings and also does charity work.

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