There is no better system than EVMs for fair elections: Dr. Quraishi

Former Chief Election Commissioner spoke at IIMC's 'Friday Dialogue' Programme

New Delhi

There is no better system than EVMs for transparent and fair elections. If there was scope for tampering in EVMs, then no government would have been defeated. This idea was expressed by Dr. S.Y. Quraishi, former Chief Election Commissioner of India on Friday at ‘Friday Dialogue’, a programme organised by the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC).

Expressing his views on the topic of ‘Election Reforms and Democracy’, Dr. Quraishi said that India’s EVMs are used in elections in many countries across the world. There have been no complaints till date from anywhere. He said that there are several levels of investigation before the use of EVMs in elections. It is sealed in front of polling agents before the voting starts. EVMs are examined before the counting of votes. In such a scenario, there is no question of disturbance at any level. The candidate who loses the election accuses the EVM. Raising apprehensions at EVMs is certainly questioning the fairness of the Election Commission.

The former Chief Election Commissioner of the country said that the Election Commission of India is the most powerful Election Commission in the world. Indian democracy is known as the best governance system in the world. Conducting credible elections are the most important lifeline of any democracy. He said that when a country evolves politically and democratically, a lot of challenges arise, which motivates the Election Commission to take fast and firm decisions. The misuse of money and power to influence voters is a matter of concern, but the judiciary has always acted to preserve democracy.

According to Dr. Quraishi, publicity of money during elections give rise to all kinds of corruption. There are many issues related to electoral spending reforms and making politics crime-free, on which the Election Commission of India has been working for several years. Dr. Quraishi said that every vote is important in elections. He informed that in our country, the proportion of females to males is less, but the participation of females in elections is more than males today.

The programme was moderated by Prof. Surbhi Dahiya. Welcome Speech was given by Prof. Govind Singh, Dean Academics and Prof. Pramod Kumar, Dean Student Welfare did vote of thanks.

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