Rasakatla is India’s first woman Underground Mine Manager

ChaT Correspondent

Sandhya Rasakatla is the India’s first woman to be appointed as Underground Mine Manager and Yogeshwari Rane as Underground Mine Development Manager. Hindustan Zinc Limited (HZL) has appointed them in their mines in Rajasthan. Rasakatla has assumed the role as the mine manager at Zawarmala mines in Udaipur district, while Rane has been appointed as head planning and development for Kayad Mine in Ajmer district.

Both Rasakatla and Rane are also the first women in Indian Mining to receive the ‘First Class Mines Manager’ certificate of competency in the “Unrestricted” category. The company is extremely proud and happy to take such a pioneering step in the mining industry that displays the commitment towards diversity and inclusivity.

Hindustan Zinc Chief Executive Officer Arun Misra said, ““It has been a revolutionary decision to allow women in mining. This is an opportunity for us and the women mining engineers out there to bring about a societal change. At Hindustan Zinc, we have embraced this and have given an equal platform for our women engineers in our mining operations.”

He said that appointment of Rasakatla and Rane will be an inspiration for all the young ladies who want to pursue mining engineering as their option. This is just a stepping stone for young women who aspire to be leaders in the mining industry.

It is to be mentioned that mining engineers Rasakatla and Rane have been a part of HZL since 2018. Rane is the first woman to receive a ‘First Class Mines Manager’ certification in both ‘restricted’ and ‘unrestricted’ category, while Rasakatla was also the first woman in India to receive the ‘Second-Class Manager’s Certificate’ in the unrestricted category last year.

Like any other woman in mining, these engineers wouldn’t have been able to achieve this if not for a landmark decision in 2019. Following the amendments in the Mines Act 1952 in 2019; wherein government decided to exempt women employed in any mine above and below ground from the provisions of section 46 of the Mines Act, 1952; HZL deployed women engineers like them to gain experience in the underground mine operations.

HZL is a Vedanta Group Company, is one of the world’s largest and India’s only integrated producer of Zinc-Lead and Silver. The Company is headquartered in Udaipur, Rajasthan in India where it also has its mines and smelting complexes. It is self-sufficient in power with installed captive thermal power plants and green energy plants including wind and solar power.

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