26 students of Allen secured All India Rank-1 in NEET-UG

40 students in top-100, 738 students scored more than 700 marks

Students of Allen Career Institute have proved their superiority in the NEET-UG 2024 results. Allen Director Dr. Brajesh Maheshwari said that Allen Career Institute has the best and highest results in NEET-2024. ALLEN has the highest number of top All India Rank-1, top-100 AIR Ranks and qualified students in NEET UG 2024 results.
Maheshwari said that 67 students have been given All India Rank-1 by NTA. All of them have scored 720 marks. On the basis of counseling, Allen Classroom Student Ved Shende has topped All India among these 67 students. 26 students of Allen have got All India Rank-1. Among these, 17 are from the classroom and 9 students are from distance learning. 40 students in the top 100 are from Allen, out of which 28 are from the classroom and 12 are connected with Allen through distance learning. 68 students of ALLEN are in top-200, 180 in top-500 and 336 in top-1000. Total 1 lakh 38 thousand 416 students have qualified in NEET UG 2024 from Allen. 730 students have scored 700 or more marks.
These 17 Allen classroom students include Ved Shinde, Mazin Mansoor, Rupayan Mandal, Prachita, Khushboo, Shailaja, Divyansh, Shashank Sharma, Aryan Sharma, Kahkasha Parveen, Krishnamurthy Pankaj Siwal, Ved Patel, Mane Neha Kuldeep, Hrithik Raj, Tejas Singh, Abhinav Kisna and Jahanvi. Along with this, Argaddeep Dutta, Isha Kothari, Tathagata Avatar, Ummyma Malbari and Manav Priyadarshi were connected with Allen Online Test Series and secured All India Rank-1. Similarly, Anjali, Adarsh Singh, Darsh Pagdhar, and Shikhin Goyal were connected with Allen Distance Learning and secured All India Rank-1.

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