Allen Career Institute Dominates JEE-Advance

Achieved the highest score in the history of JEE-Advanced with 355 out of 360 marks, secured 98.61 per cent

In a groundbreaking achievement, Allen Career Institute has once again etched its name in the annals of JEE-Advanced history. The recent results, announced by IIT Madras, showcased the brilliance of Allen’s students, with Ved Lahoti, a Kota-based classroom student, clinching the coveted All India Rank 1. Lahoti’s remarkable feat includes securing the highest percentage score ever recorded in IIT JEE, an astounding 98.61 percent, with an impressive 355 out of 360 marks.

The momentous occasion was marked by a personal congratulatory call from the director of IIT Madras to both Ved Lahoti and Dwija Patel, acknowledging their exceptional performance. The news rippled through Career City, Kota, igniting waves of excitement and enthusiasm among students, parents, and educators alike.

Rajesh Maheshwari, one of Allen’s directors, expressed profound pride in the institute’s stellar performance. He lauded the efforts of the students and their parents, underscoring Allen’s commitment to nurturing academic excellence. Maheshwari highlighted the outstanding achievements of Allen’s classroom students, with an impressive four securing positions in the prestigious Top-10 category and an unparalleled 45 securing positions in the Top-100 nationwide.

Among the standout performers, besides Ved Lahoti’s historic feat, Rhythm Kedia claimed AIR-4, Rajdeep Mishra secured AIR-6, and Dwija Patel earned AIR-7, also becoming the All India Girl Topper. The institute’s dominance extended further, with a multitude of students securing commendable positions in the Top 50.

This year, Allen Career Institute raised the bar even higher by subjecting all its results to scrutiny by the internationally renowned auditor firm Ernst & Young (EY), setting a precedent for transparency and authenticity in the realm of academic achievements. Director Rajesh Maheshwari emphasized the institute’s unwavering dedication to providing a conducive learning environment, coupled with exemplary faculty guidance, as the driving force behind such remarkable outcomes.

Allen’s legacy of producing top rankers continues to flourish, with previous AIR 1 achievers including luminaries like Chitraang Murdia and Aman Bansal. However, this year’s record-breaking performance surpasses all previous milestones, reaffirming Allen’s status as a beacon of excellence in the realm of competitive exam preparation.

Where Limits End, Possibilities Begin: Ved’s Unbreakable Determination to Break the Record

Nothing is impossible! If you set your mind to it, anything is possible. You should have goals in life, and they should be big. Your hard work should also be of the same level. Have faith in your hard work. If you have worked hard according to your target, then you will definitely get success. It is important to do as much practice as possible to learn. This is what Ved Lahoti, the All India topper of JEE Advanced-2024 and the student of ALLEN Career Institute, said. Ved’s determination to break the JEE Advanced record paid off spectacularly. He secured 355/360 marks and 98.61 percent, the highest ever marks in the exam’s 64-year history. He has been a sincere and dedicated student of ALLEN Classroom Course for the past seven years. Despite setting JEE Advanced as his only goal, Ved has not yet decided which institute and branch to pursue his career in.

Ved believes in getting a logical answer to everything. Even as a kid, if he received lower marks than expected, he would take his maternal grandfather to school and insist on a re-evaluation of his test.  This passion for fairness and accuracy persists even today. His meticulous attention to detail and a clear understanding of his own abilities have laid the foundation for his academic achievements. Even recently, Ved challenged the validity of two questions in the JEE-Advanced exam, highlighting his unwavering commitment to getting things right. With a burning desire for healthy competition and top-notch education, Kota became Ved’s dream destination. He aced the ALLEN TALLENTEX exam in 6th grade, securing a spot at the prestigious ALLEN institute. Arriving after Class 10, Kota impressed even more than he imagined. The city throbbed with academic energy, offering excellent facilities and incredible teachers. Ved knew this was the perfect place to grow as a student, and he firmly believes choosing ALLEN Kota was the best decision for achieving his goals. Ved’s favorite subject is mathematics, and he loves solving problems. He enjoys solving math problems so much that he also dedicates ample time to physics problems before moving on to other subjects. Kota’s exclusive environment offered a perfect blend of competition and collaboration. Surrounded by brilliant peers, Ved faced intense competition in tests, pushing him to excel. But classrooms were also hubs of discussion, where students openly shared doubts and learned from each other. This interplay between competition and collaboration fueled Ved’s intellectual growth, ultimately equipping him with the knowledge and skills to conquer his academic goals.

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