ALLEN Shines in JEE Advanced 2023 Result

Yogesh Joshi 

Kota, IIT Guwahati released the result of the prestigious engineering entrance exam, JEE Advanced, on Sunday. Once again, ALLEN Career Institute has proven its excellence in the result.

Director Rajesh Maheshwari said 4 students from ALLEN are in the top 10. Among them, Classroom student Raghav Goyal secured AIR 4, Classroom student Prabhav Khandelwal secured AIR 6, Classroom student Malay Kedia secured AIR 8, and Nagireddy Balaaji secured AIR 9. Apart from this, Harshit Kansal secured AIR 16, Maulik Jindal secured AIR 19, Samir Arvind Patil secured AIR 20, Deshank Pratap Singh secured AIR 22, Jatsaya Jarivala secured AIR 24, and Mayank Soni secured AIR 26. Maheshwari also mentioned that as per the result compiled so far, 19 students from ALLEN are in the top 50. Also, 37 ALLENites are in the top 100, with 31 from classroom courses and 6 students from distance learning. 

In the results seen so far, 19 students in the top-50 are from ALLEN. Along with this, there have been 37 students in the top-100 of ALLEN, out of which 31 students are from classroom courses and 6 students are from distance learning. Along with this, there are 61 Allen students in Top-200 and 155 Allen students in Top-500. A total of 6472 students have qualified from ALLEN. In this, 4462 classrooms and 2010 from distance learning.

Raghav Goyal, JEE Advanced Rank: 04

Raghav Goyal has secured the All India rank 4 JEE Advanced 2023. Allen Classroom student Raghav now wants to start a start up after completing his B.Tech. from the CS branch of IIT Mumbai. Apart from this, he also wants to explore math. Sharing his key to success, Raghav said that whatever he does, he does it with interest. Be it studies, sports, or any other activity. My vision was clear from the beginning that I had to take admission at IIT Mumbai. Taking admission at Allen Career Institute for JEE preparation proved to be the turning point for me because the faculties here are quite experienced and supportive. They have a long history of preparing according to the changing paper pattern, which proves to be very helpful for the students. I passed 10th grade with 99.4% and 12th grade this year with 97.4%. He has qualified INMO, INAO, INHO, and INCHO. I won a gold medal and the Best Solution to the Most Challenging Problem award while representing India in the IOAA held in Georgia. Recently, I was selected for the IPHO to be held in Tokyo, where I am going to represent India. Apart from this, I am also an NTSE scholar.

Inspired by Brother

Raghav said that there has been an atmosphere of education in the house from the beginning. My elder brother Pranav Goyal is also an IITian and has been the All India Topper in the year 2018. I was inspired by him. He guided me a lot during my studies. He would share his experience, which helped me greatly in studying. Whenever I had to take a break from my studies, I used to use Instagram for 10–15 minutes. It is very important to have self-control for the limited use of social media. I play chess many times for recreation. I have a lot of interest in music; I had also taken music subject in classes 11th and 12th

Kota boosted my self-confidence

Prabhav Khandelwal, JEE Advanced Rank: 06 

Prabhav Khandelwal, a classroom student of Allen Career Institute, has achieved an All India Rank 6 in the JEE Advanced 2023. Prior to this, Prabhav secured an All India Rank 61 in JEE Main 2023. Prabhav mentioned that Kota is a city of dreams, where everyone works hard to turn dreams into reality. Coming to Kota has significantly strengthened my self-confidence. The sooner the preparation for JEE starts, the better it is for the students. ALLEN faculties guided me entirely on how to prepare for the exam. The faculties were always ready to clear my doubts. They emphasized which topics require more focus.  I dedicated the most time to Maths among all three subjects because it requires more practice. I advise students to stay calm and focused while studying. Prabhav will now pursue B.Tech in Computer Science from IIT Mumbai. He scored 97% in his 12th class this year, while he secured 98.2% in his 10th class.

allen career kota

“Doubt-solving strengthened the hold on the topic”

Malay Kedia, JEE Advanced Rank: 08

Malay has secured All India Rank 08 in JEE Advanced-2023. Now Malay will do a B.Tech. from the CS branch of IIT Mumbai. Malay told me that I had prepared according to the guidance of Allen faculties for success in JEE Advanced. In addition to clearing the theory in physics and math, more emphasis was placed on practice, whereas in chemistry, preparation was done with full focus on the NCERT syllabus. I used to practise the questions again and again. This strengthened my confidence. The modules and study material provided by Allen are perfect. Along with my parents, I have received the full cooperation of Allen’s faculties and mentors in my success. They used to motivate me from time to time. It was a good decision for me to prepare for JEE from Allen. My performance improved with the weekly tests, and the regular doubt-solving strengthened my grip on the topics. I want to do research in physics after my B.Tech. The family is originally from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Malay Kedia had scored 99.99 percentile in the JEE Main January 2023 session exam and secured All India Rank 4 by securing a perfect 300 out of 300 in the final result. Apart from this, I passed 10th grade with 99 percent marks. Besides being an NTSE scholar, Malay secured All India Rank 6 in the KVPY SA stream and won a silver medal in the Astronomy Olympiad. Apart from this, after being successful in the OCSC camp of ICHO recently, he is now going to represent India in ICHO, which will be held in Switzerland from July 16 to 15. Malay has also been selected for the International Science School to be organized by the Harry Messel International School in Sydney, the capital of Australia.

“If you set small goals, you can achieve a big target”

Maulik Jindal, JEE Advanced Rank: 19

Maulik Jindal has achieved an All India Rank 19 in JEE Advanced 2023. Before this, he secured an All India Rank 75 in JEE Main 2023 with a percentile score of 99.9973. Maulik, an Allen Classroom student, mentioned that you need to set small goals to achieve a big target. During his studies, when he solved doubts with his friends, he felt that he was becoming stronger, and his peer group proved beneficial. Inspired by his elder brother Sanchit, who is pursuing B.Tech from IIT Mumbai and secured an All India Rank 1613 in JEE, Maulik decided to pursue engineering. Allen’s environment always encourages to learn. Maulik prioritised his daily tasks by completing classwork first, then homework, and then revising the topics. Only after that, he would finish his daily studies. He used to study for about 5 hours every day. Along with being an NTSE scholar, Maulik has scored an AIR 48 in KVPY. He has cleared the first round of NSE, NSC, NSEA, and IOQ, as well as the second round of INChO and INAO. He scored an AIR 48 in KVPY and cleared the first round of NSE, NSC, NSEA, and IOQ, as well as the second round of INChO and INAO.

“There should never be a backlog of studies”

Sameer Arvind Patil, JEE Advanced Rank: 20

Sameer has secured the All India rank 20 in JEE Advanced-2023. Sameer was an Allen Classroom student for two years, and after cracking JEE, Sameer now wants to do a B.Tech. from the CS branch of IIT Mumbai. Sameer told me that his elder sister is also doing a B.Tech. at IIT Kharagpur. Drawing inspiration from her, I also decided to become an IITian. While preparing for JEE, I only followed the guidance of ALLEN faculties. I never used to think much about my studies. Apart from coaching, he used to do self-study for 5–6 hours a day and never let a backlog of studies. Daily homework and practising questions had become part of his routine. Although math is my favourite subject, I used to give equal time to all three subjects. I would prepare good notes because the main points related to the topic used to come in them, which helps a lot in the revision. The nature of the faculty at Allen is very helpful. Whether students have doubts or other problems, the faculties always stand by them. That’s why Kota is the best. The family is originally from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, and there are many students from there who came to Kota to study. I sought information from them and took admission at Allen Kota. I passed class 10 with 94.8% and class 12 with 95% marks while preparing for JEE this year. He has achieved all-India rank 102 in JEE Main 2023.  Also an NTSE scholar and had an All India rank of 64 in the KVPY SA stream. Apart from this, I have reached the OCSC camp in the Chemistry and Astronomy Olympiad.

Go to bed only after completing the daily target of study

Deshank Pratap, JEE-Advanced Rank – 22

Deshank Pratap has achieved the All India rank 19 in JEE Advanced. A regular classroom student at Allen for two years, Deshank will now open a start-up after completing his B.Tech. from the CS branch of IIT Mumbai. “I love playing chess, and my international ranking is 1187,” Deshank said. I studied with a daily target and went to bed only after completing it. I self-study for about 7 to 8 hours a day. I study as per the guidance of the teachers at Allen. Allen’s teachers are experienced, and they know how students should prepare according to the paper pattern. My elder brother Devansh is doing a B.Tech. at IIT Delhi. I will start a start-up after completing my B.Tech. from the CS branch of IIT Mumbai. The family is originally from Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. Deshank had achieved All India Rank 12 in JEE Main 2023 results and scored 100 percentile in JEE Main 2023 January session results. Deshank, who has been preparing for JEE at Allen Career Institute for the past two years, passed Class 10 with 98.6 percent and Class 12 with 97.4 percent in the same year. He has qualified up to the OCSC stage in IJSO twice. He also qualified for all the international Olympiads. He has achieved All India Rank 21 in the KVPY SA Stream and AIR 4 in the NTSE Final Stage in UP State.

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