Seven speakers add sparkles to ChaT season 7

An eclectic mix of speakers wow the youth of Jaipur with their motivational life stories

The seventh edition of ChaT Youth Summit brought seven exception speakers to Jaipur where they narrated their stories to play the role of ‘agents of change’ to students. The speakers spoke about their lives, struggles and how they took even failures in their stride and learnt lessons even from them. School and college students in the audience listened to them spellbound and asked them questions related to their own life paths. For once, some of the speakers donned the hat of career counsellors and relationship experts.

Among the speakers, there was an eclectic mix: a stand-up comedian who didn’t find engineering course enticing enough, an Army daughter who took to writing to honour her father’s sacrifice for the country, a cyclist who pedalled from Bengaluru to Mumbai just to find out how much is 1,000km, as asthmatic who has scaled mountains and volcanoes, a college lecturer who loves to cross-dress as a woman, a young prodigy who has Stephens Hawking-like degenerating disease, and a lifestyle expert.

The event was produced by Swishin Events with The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) Rajasthan as Intellect Partner, Rufil as Nutrition Partner and AIESEC as Youth Partner.

The youth summit was a congregation where achievers of today met the achievers of tomorrow. This meet was a kaleidoscope that creates myriad colours – those of inspiration, aspiration, adoration and amusement.

The speakers were Appurv Gupta, stand-up comedian; Chirag Singhal, youngest Indian cyclist; Diksha Dwivedi, author – Letters from Kargil; Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati, youngest patent holder of India; Karan Vig, fashion designer; Karishma Chawla, nutritionist and lifestyle educator and Satyarup Siddhanta, youngest in the world to climb both the 7 summits and Volcanic 7 summits, the Guinness Book of World Record holder, who have made huge difference to lives – of others and their own.

Karan Vig

Respect people as they are, says Vig

Karan Vig, a fashion Designer from Jaipur speaking at ChaT Youth Summit said, “Being a homosexual is not a crime and we are also people like you therefore we also have right to live.” He connected his words with Live and Let Live and said homosexuality is not taught in school education, which should be made compulsory and people should be made aware about LGBTQ.”

He said, “We people do not expect more love from anybody, but we also have right to live with equality.” Draped in a black sari, wearing a pearl necklace and wearing a bindi, Vij said it is just cross dressing and not changing gender or sexuality. If any homosexual cross dress then there should be no need to be ashamed and people should not laugh, as it depends on person’s choice.

Vig inspiring people said, “I chose what I am and I am proud of it. I never cared what people will say, society will say and always listened to my heart.” He said although section 377 has been removed, but then too LGBTQ people have to face biasness in the society.  Creativity is required to become a fashion designer, he added.

He is also a stylist, a runway choreographer, feature writer and a Board of Director for rageNyou fashion magazine and a regular columnist in NMB fashion magazine, London. After completing his graduation in English literature from University of Westminster, London, his interest in fashion designing bloomed and got wings under London Fashion Week. Initially he began his journey as a blogger, then being a model. Today, he owns his eponymous fashion label, Karan Vig. He is a teacher with Fame International School in Dausa, near Jaipur where he teaches English.

Dhiksha Dwivedi
Dhiksha Dwivedi

Dreams are those that do not let you sleep: Dwivedi

Diksha Dwivedi, author of Letters from Kargil lost her father in Kargil war when she was eight years old. Addressing a session at ChaT Youth Summit, she said, “Dreams are not those that we see while sleeping, but dreams are those that do not let you sleep.”

She mentioned about the Indian army in her speech as how people in Indian army put their live at stake to protect India and Indians. She also mentioned as how she lost her father Major CB Dwivedi of 315 Field Regiment in Kargil War and she understands the grief of families in army.

Dwivedi said, “We should never accept defeat in our life and keep on trying and one day you will certainly win.” She told that she has written in reference to army in her book, “Letters from Kargil”. Describing about her father, she said how her father wrote letters to her and her mother used to keep these letters safely.

She said, “I hate people who encourages war.” Saluting Indian army and her father, she concluded her session. “Letters from Kargil” was published in 2017 by Juggernaut. She is the founder of and YOSO Media.

appurv gupta at chat jaipur
Appurv Gupta

Do whatever you want, but from the heart, says Gupta

Appurv Gupta, stand-up comedian said education and shop are two different things. Along with fulfilling hobby, education should be given equal importance and should also take risky decisions in life, which will help in our future. He said, “Whatever you do, you should do from your heart.”

Gupta along with talking also entertained the audience. He told as how he reduced his fear of public speaking. Mentioning about a platform named Top Master International, he said if you want to improve your public speaking then one should take benefit of this platform. He also shared as how he completed his engineering degree and prepared himself as a comedian.

Gupta is engineer turned Stand-Up Comic. He has one of the unique voices in the Stand-Up Comedy space in India. Comedy Central India says that he is India’s leading Hinglish Stand-Up Comic. He is also famous for his web series – Mudde Ki Baat – Gupta Ji Ke Sath on various trending issues. Recently, Forbes India had listed his name in the Forbes India Celebrity 100 Nominees list.

Hridayeshwar known as Junior Stephen Hawking

Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati, youngest Patent Holder of India has seven inventions in his name. Although he is bound to wheel chair and has been suffering from fatal disease Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, he took our country to top of the world by defeating Japan in field of Chess Variants Inventions. Though he is having 75% disability, that too, permanent and progressive one. Of these seven i

Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati

nventions, he is already having patents for three inventions. Chess was invented in our country and he took glorious past of India further by inventing Circular Chess at the age of 9 years in 2013 and became youngest patent holder in India and youngest differently-abled patent holder in the world.

He is also called as junior Stephen Hawking. Speaking at ChaT Summit, Bhati said, “My ideal is Sir Stephen Hawking. We all are born as stars but sometimes get hidden in clouds. If any great personality dies then along with another great personality is born.”

Sarovar Singh Bhati, father of Hridayeshwar said, he is youngest inventor of India who has invented a chess game in which six players can play together. Sarovar said at this young age, his son inspires him and his mother.

Eat health and exercise regularly is key for healthy life

Karishma Chawla, Nutritionist and Lifestyle Educator said, “You become what you eat, so eat healthy food and do exercise regularly.” She said brain and body develops by doing yoga and meditation. She said to remain healthy, one should remain happy. Being an expert in the field of food and nutrition, she advised people on what to eat in order to lead a healthy lifestyle or achieve a specific health-related goal. The idea is to make simple dietary changes whi

Karishma Chawala

ch suit one’s needs while assisting them to reach optimal health by prescribing a nutritional plan based on their bio – individuality. As a consultant, she caters to adults and children across all conditions such as – Obesity, PCOD, Thyroid, Menopause, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Allergies, Skincare, Lactose intolerant and weight loss management, ensuring holistic level manifesting results in all areas of life- Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.

Never accept defeat and keep trying is the mantra of Singhal

Chirag Singhal is youngest Indian cyclist who went from India to Vietnam covering 13,000 kms – via Myanmar border to Thai

Chirag Singal

land, Cambodia and Laos. He said that many problems were faced during the journey. Singhal said, “We should not accept defeat in life and should always keep trying. Instead of playing politics on religion, we should imagine a peaceful country.”He said during his journey he met many people, interacted with them to know their culture and about their country. He covered 1000kms in 13 days. He runs a project in Jaipur by the name of Giraffe Uncle, which looks into the pedagogy of play, and holds pakadam-pakadai sessions every day to teach valuable life lessons in fun.

If you believe, you can do it: Siddhanta

Satyarup Siddhanta, the youngest in the world to climb both the seven summits and Volcanic seven summits. He is Guinness Book of World Record holder.

Addressing a session at Chat Youth Summit in Jaipur on August 22, he said despite being an asthma patient, he has climbed these summits. Had he thought, asthma will never allow him to do anything then he would never have climbed these summits.

He climbed Vinson Massif, becoming only the fifth Indian civilian to complete the seven summits. He is the first civilian to accomplish this feat from Karnataka (residence state) and West Bengal (home state). He is also the second Indian to climb the highest Volcano of the world, Mt. Ojos Del Salado. He has become the first Indian and the youngest mountaineer in the world to climb both the Seven Summits as well as Seven Volcanic Summits on January 15, 2019 at 10:10 pm Chile time.

In his speech he said, “I was diagnosed suffering from asthma in class two. Initially, he used to play football, but because of the disease, he became goalkeeper, then one fine day, I was out of the field. People used to play, but I was one among the spectators.”

Narrating a life changing incident, he said, “One day, I went of the college while was studying at Manipal engineering College in Sikkim. I had an asthma attack and unfortunately I forgot the inhaler at the hostel room, which otherwise I always carry. For next 10 minutes, I was rolling on roads and panicked. I felt that I will die, but slowly it subsided and I became normal. That day, I decided I will not inhaler and I conditioned my body accordingly.”

When he joined a job at Bengaluru, the office colleagues were going on trekking to a hill in Tamil Nadu. He got excited but next moment he felt he would die a dog’s death because of being asthmatic. “I convinced myself that even if I am on ground floor or tenth floor, I will use inhaler if I get asthma attack then why not on hills. So I brought inhaler and left for the trekking. I started trekking at 12 noon under hot sun and at 5pm, reached the top. I realized that I did not use inhaler,” he said.

Satyarup Siddhanta

This gave him confidence that he can do anything in the world, if he wants to. He shared his experience of climbing Mt Everest and the problems he faced with the audience. The audience listened to him spellbound.

Siddhant said, “If you add one spoon of dream and one spoon of excuse, it results into wish, which remains till the deathbed. But if you add one spoon of dream and one spoon of plan then it becomes target. “If you believe, you can do it,” he said.

He also cited examples of people who climbed Mt Everest at the age of 76, at the age of 14 and a lady who had only one leg and said  they had trained their mind to make it possible. He asked people to look into deepest and darkest fears inside them and overcome that.

Siddhant concluded the session saying, “Dream Big and Chase Them.”

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