The gap between Politicians and Youth

Anjali Shekhawat

Days have passed by after the much talked and mocked statement by our Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman which had created havoc in the youth. What the Finance Minster had said was what I feel did not went down objectively, in fact had generated an aggressive response for no reason at all. Millennials had expressed their distaste in their best way, by trolling her on social media. Yet, one could find arrays of opinions flooding in about the idea that millennials do in fact prefer Ola or Uber instead of buying cars and are responsible for auto rickshaw slowdown. Some of them like Maruti Chairman RC Bhargava even said in his interview to Mint newspaper where he highlighted the mindset of youngsters that they are more focused on going out to eatery and bars and having a good time or buying latest smart phone which cost them fortune but not spent on buying cars. This is precisely because the very economic Ola and Uber takes care of the commute. And ofcourse he added that the cars today are not affordable for a common buyer in India which makes their choices very clear.  Afterall it’s a choice between having a good time or a good ride, spending on carefree life or commitment to EMI.

Now the case in point here is that even what Finance Minister was stating was facts and not opinion which is also argued to be true, the response speaks about the general mood of youngsters towards politicians- hostile, indifferent and disconnected. They have their own reasons they are worst hit by the economy not to forget employment crisis and least direct involvement. They consider politicians dirty players and politics a dirty game, there is if not a negative connotation not even an idealistic one. This age is the age of activism and rallying which engages directly with the cause. Politicians are seen as untrustworthy because of their insensitive remarks, extremism, advent of fake new and their excessive control over narrative which is well identified by the youth.

There are many instances where our politicians went on a record to say bizarre and insensitive statements where they define virgin as “pure and unmarried girl” or when South Indians were called “blacks” or for some rape by two men is not even gang rape.

Hence, of course Young people feel a sense of hopelessness, frustration and apathy which has removed them from looking at politics or politicians objectively.

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