Rajasthan lures tourists as destination of Border Tourism

Tourists are attracted to Rajasthan for Border Tourism also apart from adventure tourism, rural tourism, heritage tourism, nature tourism etc..

Rajasthan being a border state where India and Pakistan borders meet at various places and so there are many peace time posts and outposts that pose as tempting options for travel enthusiasts. Much constructive efforts are being put in to utilise the truest potential of border tourism in the state. 

The places where maximum tourists get drawn for relinquishing their zest for border tourism are Jaisalmer, Barmer, Bikaner and Sri Ganganagar. Jaisalmer district has the largest area of desert terrain in the state of Rajasthan. Since many decades Jaisalmer has remained as a centre of attraction for both domestic as well as international tourists. The temple of Tanot Rai in Tanot on the Indo-Pak international border which is 125 km to the west of Jaisalmer district headquarters is the main point of attraction for indigenous tourists and devotees. The international Indo-Pak border which is at a short distance from the temple is a major spot of attraction for the visiting tourists. By getting a prior permission, the domestic tourists can cross over the barbed wire barricade on the international border and relish the unforgettable experience. In close vicinity is the site of Longewala, which is witness to the much popular incident during the 1971 Indo-Pak war, the military vehicles and tanks of the Pakistan army which were destroyed by the Indian army have been kept for display here which is a major attraction for the tourists. There is also a theatre at this place that is run by the Indian army in which films of triumph and victory of the Indian armed forces during the Indo-Pak war of 1971 are showcased for the tourists. Munabao railway station is in operation in Barmer district which is adjacent to Jaisalmer district; this railway station caters to the movement of Indo-Pak passengers and provides for tourist attraction. 

The Sanchu post of the BSF that is on the Indo-Pak international border in Bikaner district and attracts travelers as it is surrounded by large sand dunes; this post is situated at a distance of 175 km from the Bikaner city. The post also houses a museum, a guest house and a canteen that are all run by the BSF. The road that connects Bikaner to this post is in an excellent condition, at some parts the road intercedes with the Bharat Mala Road that is built near the Indo-Pak International Border. Whilst travelling to this place, one can see the handicrafts and witness the famous art and folk of the local artists along with the sand dunes on the roadside. For visiting the Sanchu post, the domestic tourists need to take a prior permission from BSF Bikaner. The tourists are shown the post of the Pakistan side and also the museum.

Sri Ganganagar district is filled with vegetation and greenery entire up to the international border. The tourists are attracted by vast fields of golden colored mustard flowers and the plantations of the orange colored kinnow fruit. The Hindumal Kot border outpost that is located at a distance of 18 km from Sri Ganganagar is quite famous, the tourists who come to Sri Ganganagar make sure that they do visit this spot. The outpost has been named after Chief Diwan Hindumal of the erstwhile princely state of Bikaner.

The consistent and integrated efforts that are being made by the State Government with the Department of Tourism, BSF and other allied departments are commendable and have yielded positive results over the time of attracting tourists. This facet of tourism will surely prove to be another golden feather for the Royal State of the golden desert.

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