Teej festival and the Jaipur royal family

The auspicious festival of Teej has been celebrated in a grand public scale in Jaipur right from the time the City of Jaipur was founded by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II in 1727.

The idol of Teej Mata – ie goddess Parvati permanently resides within the City Palace and is taken out in a procession on 2 days in a year. Namely the 3rd  day of the bright lunar half of Sawan, when she is called Teej Mata, &:the  next, ie 4th day of Sawan bright half – when she is regarded as ‘Budhi’ (Old or Senior) Teej Mata.

The Jaipur Royal Family perform all the rituals associated with Teej Mata’s worship inside the Palace, before placing her image on a special palanquin which is carried out of the palace through the Tripoliya Gate and through the traditional processional route to the banks of the Talkatora water tank.

Here there is further ceremonial worship performed by the priests of the Jaipur royal family & Prasad is shared with all.

The goddess returns to the palace by the same route afterwards . This happens on both evenings

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